Robert Mueller - President and CEO

Robert Mueller is a second generation home builder that founded his company, The RMCI Group (which stands for Robert Mueller Construction Inc.) in 1984. A graduate from San Diego State University with a degree in Economics, he moved from Napa Valley to San Diego in 1989. RMCI’s experience since 1989 includes land entitlement, developing and building luxury-homes and multi-family subdivisions, and several commercial projects. Mr. Mueller is an expert in entitling land and efficiently dealing with the municipalities and environmental agencies and stays ahead of the process by being proactive as opposed to reactive. He is also considered an expert in building construction and project management, which is attributed to his hands-on involvement in all aspects of the development process. RMCI has a proven track record and reputation for completing projects within budget and on schedule, regardless of the market challenges that we have experienced over the past several years.